Project Overview

ATM designed, permitted, and monitored the construction of a shoreline stabilization and passive park enhancement project at Twin Rivers Park in Martin County, FL. Using bulkheads, riprap, and vegetation; ATM stabilized 1,000 feet of eroding shoreline adjacent to the St. Lucie inlet and created a protected shallow water habitat (living shoreline). In addition, ATM designed an aluminum sheetpile bulkhead and two concrete/timber pedestrian piers as an upland amenity for the County’s park system.

ATM also provided assistance to the County to obtain FIND grant funding covering a portion of the design and construction costs of the project. The project was completed on time and within budget.

  • Surveying
  • Wind/wave studies to assess mechanisms of erosion and establish design loads for structures
  • Shoreline protection design alternatives, including combinations of bulkheads, stone sills, revetments, boardwalks and native wetland plants
  • Permit modifications
  • Final design and construction documents
  • Construction management
  • Grant funding assistance