Project Overview

ATM has provided the Town of Palm Beach with comprehensive coastal engineering services in support of the Town’s shoreline management for more than 25 years. Projects have included an inlet management plan, multiple beach nourishment projects, shoreline stabilization structure design and permitting, an update to the Comprehensive Coastal Management Plan, multiple shoreline assessments, FEMA emergency dune restoration support, town-wide sand search, and various model and feasibility studies.

Our coastal team supported the design, FDEP and USACE permitting and construction of the 2015 Mid-Town Renourishment project in conjunction with the Phipps/Reach 7 and Reach 8 interim projects.

ATM has represented the Town in negotiating permit conditions with FDEP and USACE. Further, and has also assisted the Town in coordinating with USACE and the Palm Beach Inlet Port Authority regarding the Corps’ inlet and maintenance dredging management.

Currently, ATM is supporting the Town with a canal dredging project as well as construction-phase services for the Phipps/Reach 7 project. The canal project includes FDEP and USACE permitting, coordination with stakeholders and FIND grants.