Project Overview

Silver Springs is a first-magnitude spring that forms the headwaters of the Silver River and flows down to its confluence with the Ocklawaha River. The model system consisted of two grids of different resolutions. The coarse grid model of the Lower Ocklawaha River ran from Moss Bluff to the Rodman Dam, and up the Silver River. The fine-grid EFDC model covered the Silver River. down to the confluence of the Ocklawaha River. The coarse-grid model provided the downstream boundary conditions for the fine-grid model.

The model system was used to investigate the effects of frictional resistance caused by dense submerged vegetation on stage-discharge relationships in the river. The model was additionally used to examine flushing and residence times at fairly small spatial scales within the run, including the effects of vegetation on transient storage. Modeling to the scale and precision proposed for this project had not been done by the District to date and it was critical that the model resolution and coverage accurately reflect the conditions measured in the field by SJRWMD personnel.