Project Overview

ATM assisted a residential property owner to help lower the FEMA flood risk level at a home site that was under construction.

Due to a mistake on previous plat documents, the house was constructed one foot lower than the existing building codes allowed, based on the FEMA flood zone map. Construction was halted until the entire house could be raised to conform to code or it could be shown that the structure was at less risk of flooding than shown on the effective flood map, and the effective flood map was then subsequently revised to show that the house was in conformance. Raising the house, which was constructed on top of more than 100 timber piles, was deemed too costly compared to the costs of a flood hazard revision.

ATM performed a preliminary site assessment and determined the area was likely incorrectly zoned on the FEMA map. A detailed coastal risk analysis was conducted according to FEMA guidelines and ATM submitted required documentation to FEMA to revise the flood maps and allow construction to continue, as planned.