Project Overview

ATM was invited by OBMI to provide marina expertise in support of the evaluation of the development of the Ritz Carlton property along North Sound for Lowe Destination Development. As part of the collaborative effort, ATM uncovered a new value proposition for the site: a damaged mangrove buffer could be improved into a resort amenity and incorporated into a coastal protection scheme.

ATM worked with OBMI to develop marina plans and innovative mangrove design concepts. The concept plans and feasibility study developed by the team eventually resulted in a master plan that was adopted by the property owners was highlighted as an example of best practices by the national environmental agency and was featured in ULI’s report ͞Returns on Resilience: The Business Case.

ATM went on to provide specific technical services for the property owner, in collaboration with OBMI. ATM’s marina and environmental restoration concept plans were incorporated into the planning application documents for the project, and specific mangrove restoration plans were designed. What started as a high-level inquiry for marina support services, turned into an award-winning resort design concept that supported OBMI’s long-term role in the project.