Project Overview

The Castaway Cay site was subject to irregular tidal currents and during high wind conditions berthing maneuvers are difficult. ATM performed a current monitoring study to better characterize the current patterns surrounding the terminal and provide the basis for design of a real-time monitoring system. This study utilized a vessel-mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler to measure currents across the navigation channel during flood and ebb tide conditions. Based on analysis ATM recommended a monitoring system that included real-time measurement of current speed and direction; wind speed and direction; water level; and wave height, period and direction with data transmitted via directly to the bridge of the cruise ships.

The monitoring system that was installed provides real-time data to the ship bridge once a ship is within 60 miles of the terminal. The display on the bridge shows current speed and direction, along with wind speed, wind direction and wave characteristics, overlaid on a map of the terminal and navigation channel, reducing risk of vessel damage during berthing maneuvers.