Project Overview

During more than a decade of service to the Town of Port Royal, ATM has performed a number of stormwater planning, modeling, design and permitting projects, some of which are first-of-their-kind projects. Major projects include:

Stormwater Master Plan and Inventory – ATM assisted the Town with obtaining an Ocean and Coastal Resource Management grant to perform a stormwater inventory, stormwater master plan and capital improvements project. ATM field staff completed a field inventory of the major stormwater drainage system, modeled the existing stormwater systems, reviewed complaint files, and developed a Capital Improvements Plan. ATM has since successfully completed many of the identified stormwater projects.

Major Drainage System Improvements – A large section of downtown Port Royal drains into a depressional wetland system that flooded and overtopped roads during heavy rains. This fluctuation in water levels was negatively impacting large trees and overall environmental health of the wetland. ATM developed a detailed ICPR model of the wetland incoming drainage and designed and permitted a new multi-staged drainage system to prevent excess flooding of roadways, and also to reestablish proper hydrology in 15 acres of wetlands within the center of Port Royal.