Project Overview

ATM supported EDSA in the development of a Waterways Master Plan for the City of Hollywood, including the roles of boating infrastructure, waterfront engineering, and environmental experts. ATM’s technical support streamlined the feasibility evaluation of improvement concepts and the communications with technical staff within the City and other reviewers of the proposals.

The City was interested in developing a master plan containing site-specific projects aimed at drawing interest and activities to the water, which was supported by FIND (Florida Inland Navigation District) to identify relevant projects. Despite the long tradition of living along the water, many communities still have huge untapped opportunities to enhance the public access, environmental value, and economic opportunities of their waterfront.

ATM supported the team’s site assessment and the development feasibility analyses of all City-owned properties along the Intracoastal Waterway, the “Lakes”, and inland navigable canals. As part of the consensus-building process, ATM supported EDSA during public outreach meetings in which the public participated actively to shape the plan. The team proposed marina improvements, as well as a variety of day-use docks and improvements to water access. The master plan adopted by the City included the proposal to incorporate living shorelines, mangrove island buffers, and stormwater management improvements in future shoreline improvements. Sea level rise adaptation solutions were also included in the plans, so that coastal protection functions could be hidden into the design of the waterfront amenities and landscape.