Project Overview

ATM has supported various coastal management and engineering projects for the Town of Holden Beach since 2001. Our team developed a long-term, comprehensive beach management strategy for the island, including detailed investigations and delineation of offshore, inshore, and inland sand sources; nourishment engineering and design; dune and vegetation planting enhancements; and coordination with the USACE regarding federal project initiatives. A total of 18 federal and Town beach nourishment projects, totaling almost 2,000,000 cubic yards of sediment have been successfully completed. ATM continues to provide annual monitoring, shoreline and volumetric analyses, and proactive management strategies for the Town.

ATM also provided engineering support for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) relative to the construction of a terminal groin at the island’s east end. We conducted an extensive alternatives analysis of various dredge, nourishment, and shore protection schemes using numerical modeling of regional and nearshore hydrodynamics and coastal geomorphology to produce final recommendations for the project which is currently in the permitting stages.