Project Overview

After Green Ag Dairy ceased milk production the dairy was abandoned with several environmental hazards in place including a full wastewater lagoon, various petroleum products, cattle feed, veterinary supplies, and accumulated manure. The owners of the property contracted with ATM to identify the hazards and develop a mitigation plan.

ATM initially quantified all hazards, prepared a closure plan, and obtain approval for the closure plan by Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). Once the closure plan was accepted by FDEP, ATM removed all potentially hazardous materials from the site and developed a plan to close out the wastewater lagoon. Closure of the lagoon entailed initiating sampling of all surface water bodies to determine nutrient content and developing an irrigation plan to land apply the liquid wastes in the wastewater lagoon to pasture areas at agronomic rates. The remaining surface water bodies on the farm were sampled quarterly until water quality data indicated that overflows from these areas to surface waters would be acceptable to FDEP. Once the lagoon was dewatered, ATM oversaw the removal of accumulated manure and the re-grading the lagoon site back to its original contours.