Project Overview

ATM conducted an engineering study of disposal alternatives for non-contact wastewater from the Fuji Vegetable Oil facility in Savannah, GA.

The study provided a feasibility evaluation of alternatives to discharging to the local wastewater treatment facility. ATM evaluated various disposal options ranging from deep well injection to direct surface discharge. The results of the study indicated that the most feasible and easily permitted disposal option for the non-contact wastewater consisted of on-site treatment using a constructed wetland system.

ATM proceeded with the permitting and design of a series of constructed wetland cells designed to treat 100,000 gpd of non-contact wastewater with discharge of the treated effluent to offsite surface waters. The wetland cells were designed to sequester metals dissolved in the wastewater via sorption by organics and reactive minerals in the wetland sediments. ATM also assisted with modification plans for separating non-contact wastewater from the existing wastewater system and secures a NPDES permit for the wetland treatment system discharge, including future flow increases from a planned plant expansion.