Project Overview

Charleston Oceanfront Villas is a residential 5-story structure located on the oceanfront of Folly Beach. The property was positioned within a FEMA V flood zone (Coastal High Hazard with breaking waves) and ATM provided consulting services investigating options to reduce the extremely high flood insurance premiums. ATM performed an assessment and subsequent structural rehabilitation design to the existing beachfront seawall to withstand wave and flood forces that occur during a FEMA 100-yr storm. Based on ATM’s preliminary design and coastal flood analysis of the proposed project, an application was made to FEMA and approval granted for a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR). At the completion of construction, as-built design documents were submitted and final approval obtained from FEMA for a LOMR. The resultant FEMA flood map revisions modified the site to the lower hazard FEMA A Zone. The property owners are now saving $320,000 per year in insurance premiums. The cost of the engineering and construction was $800,000.