Project Overview

ATM has provided the City of Boca Raton with Comprehensive Coastal Engineering Services since 2008.

Efforts have included design, permitting and construction support for multiple beach nourishment projects, identification of available sand resources and inlet management services. The City has three primary beach areas (North, Central, and South beaches) and a navigable inlet. All three beaches are actively managed by the City, require project performance monitoring (physical and biological), and receive periodic nourishment. The North beach project is federally authorized and requires coordination with the USACE. The City also actively dredges Boca Raton Inlet with a City-owned dredge, placing material on the downdrift beaches, in addition to periodically dredging the ebb-tidal shoal to maintain sand bypassing requirements.

ATM has also provided support for the City’s coastal park system including the re-construction of over 3,000 feet of coastal board walk and implementation of a dune vegetation management program.