Project Overview

ATM worked with the City of Atlantic Beach to prepare a Sewer Master Plan Update and 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan. The update included evaluations and recommendations for the following components of the City’s sewer system; gravity collection system, pump stations, force mains, and wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). Engineers from the ATM project team met with City staff to review historical documents and conduct field valuations of various sewer system components. To facilitate the necessary rehabilitation of the City’s infrastructure while maintaining the City’s budget, ATM presented a prioritized and systematic 10-year approach to repairing the sewer system.

As part of the WWTP evaluation, the ATM project team evaluated options for the City to meet nutrient reduction requirements due to the Lower St. Johns River Total Maximum Daily Load requirements. The evaluation involved developing a BioWin model of the City’s main treatment plant to review potential nutrient reduction under various scenarios. The recommended option for the City involved conversion of their 3.0-mgd WWTP to a 4-stage bardenpho process, minor process upgrades to their sequencing batch reactor WWTP, and implementing a reuse program.