ATM is known throughout the US and internationally for its marina consulting, planning, and design support services for waterfront developments. We are dedicated to providing innovative engineering and environmental services to create successful, environmentally sensitive, and sustainable resort, residential, and mixed-use projects from initiation. Typically, ATM brings specialized services to a broad planning and development team and focuses on developing cost-effective solutions to challenging site conditions.

Infrastructure requirements and environmental constraints are often underestimated in the resort planning process. To ensure that the planning process ultimately results in a sustainable and economically viable design, ATM provides a uniquely integrated interdisciplinary team of experts, including coastal engineers, civil engineers, development professionals, and environmental scientists. With experience on real estate projects throughout the world, we provide the specialized skills necessary to guide your project development team and avoid potential pitfalls that can impact schedules and budgets.

Services include:

  • Environmental Analysis & Mitigation: Many projects require specialized expertise to support master planning efforts in response to environmental regulations and prudent development practices. ATM has successfully completed numerous environmental impact assessments, developed mitigation strategies for unavoidable impacts, and completed supporting environmental studies for hundreds of real estate development projects. Our experience in this arena is unmatched in the Caribbean.
  • Marina Planning & Design: ATM provides a complete range of economic, environmental, and technical marina services from market studies to design, permitting, and construction management. Our experience includes participating in over 700 marina projects worldwide.
  • Coastal Engineering: In support of waterfront developments, ATM provides an array of coastal engineering services to assess development opportunities and constraints arising from interaction with dynamic shorelines. This includes beach nourishment, coastal structure integration, flushing studies, wetland improvement, shoreline management, and others to assure that project resiliency goals are met.
  • Water Resources Engineering: ATM provides our development clients comprehensive baseline hydrodynamic and water quality modeling to identify flood risks and potential impacts to water quality. Understanding these risks upfront allows us to develop best practices and development constraints that allows our clients to go through the master planning process with confidence.