ATM is recognized internationally as a leading marina planning, engineering, and design firm. This recognition is due to our worldwide marina project experience crossing three oceans, five continents and uncounted seas, bays and lakes. New marina development or existing marina expansion/renovation are set up for success by partnering with a renowned, leading marina group like ATM has developed over the last 34 years.

We believe waterfront development projects cannot be engineered effectively without integrating market, environmental, and economic issues.

One must fully understand the always unique market forces that dictate marina size/character and boater expectations. Physical and environmental factors are unique for every site and greatly influence marina feasibility. Finally, a solid financial forecast is critical to the key question: Is the return worth the investment? All three are interrelated and critical to marina success.

Finally, our experience in Dubai has informed our marina practices in St. Martin. Our experience in Canada has informed our planning in the Ukraine. Our experience in the Bahama out islands has informed our efforts in Mexico.