Both architect and planning firms reach out to ATM for our specialized engineering and environmental services on a frequent basis.  Because of this, we have developed close working and professional relationships with many world leaders in these professions.  Working as a team, we provide our expertise and share our experience to modify, solidify, and/or validate specific elements of a developing masterplan. These specialties include coastal engineering, marina planning/design, resort infrastructure planning, and environmental services.

ATM has developed this niche into an asset for the developer and development team.

We support the team by assessing and refining concepts to ensure they are practical, buildable, sustainable, and profitable.  Our environmental experts also work to ensure that we are working with the environment as much as possible to facilitate entitlement.

Our interaction with a project team usually begins with a site evaluation followed by a planning charrette or workshop.  Gathering a team near the project site to focus on developing a masterplan facilitates collaboration, compresses the planning process schedule, and actively integrates the owner/developer into the master planning process.  This collaboration continues through the permitting and design processes.  Simply put, architects and planners tap their wisdom to create a plan to meet owner vision.  ATM brings engineering and environmental science into the plan to refine specific elements for practicality and sustainability.