ATM has been providing comprehensive coastal engineering support to clients worldwide since 1984, including major contributions to beach nourishment, coastal structure, and inlet management initiatives. We understand the unique nature of the environment and the specific engineering demands of estuaries, shorelines, inlets, and nearshore systems. Over half of our technical staff have formal training in a relevant coastal engineering or science discipline.  Our technical bench strength is further enhanced by more than three decades of practical coastal engineering experience in projects from conception through construction.

Coastal Zone Management

ATM understands the complexity of the coastal zone and our capabilities span the depth and breadth of the coastal engineering discipline.  We know the challenges coastal communities face in managing their development, infrastructure, shorelines, and environmental resources.  ATM has been instrumental in the development of several prominent coastal management programs and continues to assist both public and private clients in the cost effective and responsible management of their coastal assets.  Our coastal zone management support services include:

  • Coastal Processes Studies & Modeling
  • Beach Nourishment Design & Construction
  • Coastal Structure Evaluation & Optimization
  • Development of Beach Management Plans
  • Feasibility & Economic Alternatives Studies
  • Assessment of Inlet Impacts & the Development of Inlet Management Plans
  • Regulatory Consultation & Permitting
  • Public Engagement & Stakeholder Advocacy
Coastal Resiliency & Sea Level Adaptation

ATM is an industry leader in coastal resiliency and sea level adaptation evaluations for both existing and planned development.  Our broad disciplinary expertise and approach develops sustainable, long-term solutions. We have over thirty years’ experience in the development of domestic and international projects within the coastal zone.  Services include:

  • Sea Level Vulnerability Evaluations
  • Coastal Infrastructure Audits
  • Identification of Resiliency Strategies
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Sustainable Solutions
Coastal Vulnerability Analysis

ATM has proven experience in evaluating coastal hazards and vulnerability for both existing and planned developments.  This includes considerable experience with US standards and regulatory requirements, as well as international projects in which no formal standards apply. We have extensive experience with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Flood Insurance Studies (FIS), Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), and accurately identifying flood hazards. Our team offers flood zone remapping services via the FEMA Letter of Map Change (LOMC) process – which can result in substantial savings on flood insurance. ATM’s in-depth knowledge of FEMA mapping guidelines and insurance reforms, including Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 and Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act, ATM’s in-depth knowledge of FEMA mapping guidelines and insurance reforms, including Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 and Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act, enables us to provide educated advocacy to our clients. Our primary geographic focus is in the Southeastern United States, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. ATM provides customized coastal flood hazard assessments and mapping throughout these regions, and internationally, where reliable flood hazard mapping data often does not exist. Our FEMA/LOMC Support Services include:

  • Site Assessments & Feasibility
  • Data Collection
  • Surveying Coordination
  • Coastal Analysis, Engineering & Planning
  • Floodplain Mapping & Map Revisions
  • Wave Analysis & Modeling
  • Structural Solutions
  • LOMC & Appeal Application Preparation & Processing
  • Coastal Erosion, Development Setbacks & Minimum Base Flood Elevation Evaluations for Coastal Development
Coastal Sustainability

ATM is an industry leader in coastal resiliency and sustainability issues.  Our broad based coastal, environmental and water resources expertise is specifically focused on the development of long term, cost effective solutions for coastal communities which account for risks, uncertainties, and catastrophic events.  We offer scientific based, innovative approaches based on a depth of expertise and practical experience.

Regulatory Permitting

ATM has a broad-based experience in local, state, federal, and international regulatory project reviews.  We understand the complexities of regulatory approval and have developed successful strategies to expedite the permitting process.  We regularly serve as the permitting agent and have secured permits for numerous projects in the coastal zone.  Our staff are well versed in the regulatory process from conceptual strategies through specific regulations, rules, and statues.

Habitat Assessment, Mitigation, Restoration & Enhancement

From dunes and mangroves to corals and seagrass, ATM’s staff of engineers and scientists work to mitigate, restore, and enhance environmental habitats. Our services include:

  • Site Assessment & Opportunity Analysis
  • Project Mitigation Design & Implementation
  • Coral & Seagrass Relocation
  • Artificial & Mitigation Reef Design
  • Marsh & Mangrove Enhancement
Beach Nourishment Feasibility, Design & Permitting

An industry leader in the field of beach nourishment, ATM has successfully supported the successful design, permitting, and construction of more than a dozen major beach nourishment projects and numerous smaller efforts.  In total ATM, has been responsible for the placement of over 20 million cubic yards of beach quality sand from both nearshore and upland sand sources.  ATM’s comprehensive services supporting community beach programs include:

  • Feasibility & Economic Studies
  • Storm Impact, Erosion Analysis & Project Design
  • State, Federal & International Permitting
  • Geotechnical Investigation & Analysis
  • Borrow Source Identification
  • FEMA Projects & Cost Reimbursement Support
  • Construction Administration
  • Post-Construction Monitoring
  • Numerical Modeling
Shoreline Stabilization & Coastal Structures

ATM provides clients with the full range of solutions using technologies suitable to protect upland development, address erosion and stabilize shorelines. We assist clients with:

  • Seawalls, Revetments, Articulated Mats & Geotextile Applications (Slope Stabilization & Dune Reinforcement)
  • Breakwaters, Jetties & Groins
  • Bulkheads & Wharves
  • Marina Dock & Pier Design (Floating & Fixed)
  • Wave Attenuation Systems
  • Pipeline, Cable Protection & Armoring
  • Stormwater & Discharge Outfalls
Dredging Design Services

Dredging is a critical aspect of many coastal and waterfront development projects. ATM has experience with all forms of dredging technology and has successfully implemented the dredging of a range of materials from rock to sand to cohesive sediments. Our knowledge in current dredging technology and practices can provide our clients with:

  • Dredging Feasibility & Cost Studies
  • Maintenance Dredging Evaluations & Support
  • Development & Permitting of Confined Disposal Facilities
  • Identification, Evaluation, Design & Permitting of Upland & Offshore Dredge Disposal Sites
  • State, Federal & International Permitting
  • Implementation of Beneficial Uses for Dredged Materials
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