W. Sam Phlegar, MS, PE


Contact: sphlegar@appliedtm.com

Expertise: Coastal Engineering, Marina Planning and Design, Environmental Planning and Resort Development

“When you boil it all down, ATM is about three things: People – our clients and our staff; Focused Niche Services – we know what we are great at; and Science – we develop practical engineering solutions for water environments.

People.  As of January 2019, our staff averages 18 years of professional experience and over 13 years tenure at ATM.   This longevity results in a group of fully integrated and highly experienced professionals.  We know how to work together and this results in success for our clients.

ATM is focused. We strategically identified our targeted markets knowing where our strengths lie. Our objective is to continue to be the best in our industry in our selected service sectors. Each complement each other on many projects but also stand alone and are recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally.

ATM is engineering and science. It is critically important to us to know we are applying state-of-the-art science and engineering to solve our client’s problems. At the same time, we believe in practical study, applications, and solutions to always provide high value to our clients.”

Steven J. Peene, PhD


Contact: speene@appliedtm.com

Expertise: Resources, Water Quality, Environmental Impact Assessment, Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling, Water Quality Modeling, TMDL Development

“What has always amazed me about ATM is the quality of the people we have been able to hire, and the collaborative atmosphere that is fostered with the one goal of solving our client’s problems. The level of cooperation and partnership that occurs across all levels within the company, the fostering of innovative thinking, the complete lack of barriers when it comes to career growth, and the level of support at all levels to provide what is needed to meet any project challenge is what makes ATM great!”

Michael Jenkins, PhD, PE


Contact: mjenkins@appliedtm.com

Expertise: Coastal Engineering, Coastal Analysis and Numerical Modeling, Beach Nourishment Design and Permitting, Coastal Structures, Environmental Restoration, Project Management and Construction Administration

“Doing what you love has been a recurring theme in my career and it is a cornerstone of ATM’s corporate culture. This philosophy in concert with hard work and determination has forged a company with un-paralleled talent and expertise. ATM is truly a world class firm.”

Timothy P. Mason, ME, PE


Contact: tmason@appliedtm.com

Expertise: Marina and Coastal Engineering, Waterfront Project Master Planning and Feasibility, Environmental Siting Studies, Shoreline Protection and Restoration, Construction Contract Administration, Environmental Impact Evaluation, Monitoring and Mitigation Plans

“The heart of ATM, and key to our success, is our staff. We have assembled a group of like-minded, client-focused professionals who each bring a unique set of talents and experience to bolster our core services. We also share common interests outside the office and like to have fun doing what we love. We have fostered long-term relationships, with many staff having tenures of 10-15+ years – this allows us to work efficiently and in many cases interchangeably across our geographic range to provide our clients with the expertise necessary to help solve their engineering problems and realize their vision.”

David Canfield, PE


Contact: dcanfield@appliedtm.com

Expertise: Marina and Waterfront Development, Coastal and Marine Engineering, Master Planning and Engineering Feasibility, Commercial Due Diligence, Tender Documentation, Construction Contract Administration and Regulatory Permitting

Kirby Marshall, MBA


Contact: kmarshall@appliedtm.com

Expertise: Marina/Waterfront Planning, Site Assessment, Due Diligence, Financial Analysis/Forecasting, Regulatory Permitting, Construction Management and Owner’s Representative Services