Who We Are

Applied Technology & Management, Inc. (ATM) is a design, engineering and consulting firm serving public and private clients worldwide.

Founded in 1984, ATM has grown to be an international consulting firm specializing in marina and waterfront design and consulting, coastal engineering, water resources engineering, and sustainable infrastructure planning and design.

Working with municipal, county, state, and federal clients in the southeastern United States, we often work under continuing services contracts acting as an extension of our client’s staff. We are proud of the many longstanding relationships we have forged over the years with these clients.

We also have the opportunity and privilege of working globally with some of the finest planners, architects, hotel, and development companies on international waterfront resort developments. Resort and mixed-use developers benefit from ATM’s experience in understanding the environmental setting and our ability to provide ecologically sensitive and sustainable solutions during their planning process. Our specialty engineering services complement and strengthen the skills of the planners and architects.

Our staff members are dedicated, extremely talented, and experienced individuals who bring the knowledge gained from a wide range of projects around the world to each project on which they work.

Our specialties follow the evolution of a rain drop: stormwater, streams, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, estuaries, beaches, seas, and oceans.