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The Coastal Engineering Team of Applied Technology & Management is a unique combination of scientists, engineers and environmental specialists, many with advanced degrees in their fields. Since 1984, ATM's Coastal Team has been providing engineering and consulting support services to a broad range of coastal projects within the southeastern United States, the Caribbean and worldwide.

ATM assists clients with complex environmental and development issues along coastal, inland waterway and lakefront shorelines. Whether developing innovative dredged material management solutions, assessing the hydraulics and hydrodynamics of water bodies and inlets (including marina flushing and water quality studies), designing the nourishment of depleted beaches, or planning and permitting waterfront developments,

ATM provides strategic assistance and an integrated approach, assuring project success. Our experts guide clients in overcoming regulatory hurdles and avoiding costly pitfalls, from initial planning and engineering through implementation and post-project performance monitoring.

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Coastal Analysis, Site Evaluation & Modeling

Coastal projects are affected by wind, waves, tides and sediment transport. ATM uses numerical and physical modeling to optimize project designs and help mitigate potential environmental impacts. Our services include:

  • Extreme Storm Hazard Estimation (Wind, Waves & Flooding)
  • Marina Circulation & Flushing
  • Wave Generation & Transformation
  • Beach, Dune & Nearshore Morphological Processes
  • Shoreline Evolution & Impact Assessments
  • 2-D & 3-D Estuary & Coastal Hydrodynamics
  • Cohesive Sediment Transport & Sedimentation
  • Water Quality & Oil Spill Movement
  • Coastal Structures & Shore Protection Designs
  • Harbor Wave Agitation & Long Period Waves
  • Vessel Motions & Mooring System Dynamics
  • Ship Navigation Simulations

Beach Nourishment Feasibility, Design & Permitting

An industry leader in the field of beach nourishment, ATM’s comprehensive services that support community beach programs include:

  • Feasibility & Economic Studies
  • Storm Impact, Erosion Analysis & Project Design
  • State, Federal & International Permitting
  • Geotechnical Investigation & Analysis
  • Borrow Source Identification
  • FEMA Projects & Cost Reimbursement Support
  • Construction Administration
  • Post-Construction Monitoring
  • Numerical Modeling

Shoreline Stabilization & Coastal Structures

ATM provides clients with the full range of solutions using technologies suitable to address erosion and stabilize shorelines. We assist clients with:

  • Seawalls, Revetments, Articulated Mats & Geotextile Applications (Slope Stabilization & Dune Reinforcement)
  • Breakwaters, Jetties & Groins
  • Bulkheads & Wharves
  • Marina Dock & Pier Design (Floating & Fixed)
  • Wave Attenuation Systems
  • Pipeline, Cable Protection & Armoring
  • Stormwater Outfalls

Wave & Shoreline Modeling

ATM specializes in coastal wave modeling and shoreline studies. ATM utilizes the most advanced and widely accepted models, including STWAVE, CMS-Wave, CMSFlow, SWAN, CGWAVE, BOUSS-2D, MIKE23 and GENESIS. ATM applies wave models to successfully engineer borrow area design, jetty and breakwater design, inlet channel design and optimization, and shoreline stabilization design.

ATM has the numerical model capability and expertise to assess marinas for operational and storm conditions. Furthermore, ATM has assessed and identified seiching periods (wave agitation) for marina basins. ATM also has performed numerous shoreline studies to facilitate beach nourishment designs, inlet effects and shoreline stabilization structures (groins, T-head groins and breakwaters).

  • Wind-Wave Growth
  • Storm Wave Impacts
  • Borrow Area Impacts
  • Surfing Reef Waves
  • Marina Agitation
  • Shoreline Modeling
  • Sediment Transport Studies
  • Shoreline Stabilization Structures
  • Beach Renourishment

Inlet & Channel Management

Inlet systems are often dynamic, with actively moving shoals, channel migration, and in some cases stability and closure issues. These inlet systems are often a barrier to sand transport, which can result in shoreline and navigation problems. Solutions to inlet-related issues require a comprehensive understanding of the coastal processes contributing to these dynamics. ATM has the knowledge necessary to provide tailored, cost-effective solutions to our clients’ inlet management concerns.

ATM provides U.S. and international clients with pragmatic solutions to a variety of inlet concerns using a variety of approaches, including:

  • Wave/Current Modeling
  • Sediment Budget Analyses
  • Sedimentation Modeling
  • Inlet Management Plans
  • Sediment Bypassing
  • Shoaling Analyses
  • Inlet Stabilization
  • Beneficial Use of Dredge Material
  • New Inlet Cuts
  • Inlet Relocation
  • Navigation Studies
  • User-Demand Studies
  • Cost-Benefit Analyses

Dredging Design Services

Dredging is a critical aspect of many coastal and waterfront development projects. ATM’s experience in current dredging technology and practices can provide our clients:

  • Dredging Feasibility & Cost Studies
  • Maintenance Dredging Evaluations & Support
  • Development & Permitting of Confined Disposal Facilities
  • Identification, Evaluation, Design & Permitting of Upland & Offshore Dredge Disposal Sites
  • State, Federal & International Permitting
  • Determination of Beneficial Uses for Dredged Materials

Habitat Restoration & Enhancement

From dunes and mangroves to corals and seagrass, ATM's staff of engineers and scientists work to restore and enhance environmental habitats. Services provided include:

  • Site Assessment & Opportunity Analysis
  • Project Mitigation Design & Implementation
  • Coral & Seagrass Relocation
  • Artificial & Mitigation Reef Design
  • Marsh & Mangrove Enhancement

Environmental Permitting & Negotiation

ATM professionals understand the complex process of project permitting. We have extensive experience in coastal engineering projects that require consultation and approval on local, state, federal and international levels, including:

  • Comprehensive State, Federal & International Permitting Support
  • JCP, ERP & CCCL Permits 
  • NEPA Permitting Support 
  • Agency Coordination & Negotiation

Flood Hazard/Mapping Support Services

ATM has proven experience in evaluating FEMA Flood Insurance Studies (FIS), FIRMs, and accurately identifying flood hazards. We provide flood zone remapping services via the FEMA Letter of Map Change (LOMC) process – resulting in substantial savings on flood insurance. ATM's knowledge of FEMA Mapping guidelines and insurance reforms, including Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 and Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act, allow us to advise our clients accordingly.

ATM's primary geographic focus is in the Southeastern U.S., the U.S.V.I. and Puerto Rico. We have professional engineers licensed in multiple states and also provide customized coastal flood hazard assessments and mapping throughout the Caribbean region and internationally, where reliable flood hazard mapping data often does not exist. Our FEMA/LOMC Support Services include:

  • Site Assessments & Feasibility
  • Data Collection
  • Surveying Coordination
  • Coastal Analysis, Engineering, & Planning
  • Floodplain Mapping & Map Revisions
  • Wave Analysis & Modeling
  • Structural Solutions
  • LOMC & Appeal Application Preparation & Processing
  • Coastal Erosion, Development Setbacks, & Minimum Base Flood Elevation Evaluations for Coastal Development

Surveys & Environmental Assessments

ATM’s extensive land and hydrographic surveying services use advanced technology and in-house equipment in conducting nearshore hydrographic and upland area surveys. Our services include:

  • Upland Topographic 
  • Beach Profile
  • Bathymetric
  • Side-Scan Sonar
  • Seismic
  • Magnetometer
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EA, EIS & EIAs)
  • Environmental Resource Surveys, Mitigation Strategies & Habitat Creation Plans
  • Threatened & Endangered Species Evaluations
  • Wetland Delineation & Design of Wetland Mitigation Areas
  • Environmental Due Diligence
  • Construction Oversight & Due Diligence
  • Geotechnical Investigations


For more information, please contact:

Mike Jenkins, Ph.D., P.E.
Coastal Engineering Principal
(800) 275-6488
(561) 659-0041