ATM’s Heath Hansell, PE, Shares an Afternoon with 1st Grade Students of Philip Simmons Elementary School

ATM's Heath Hansell, PE, had the pleasure of visiting with the first-grade students of Philip Simmons Elementary School in Charleston, SC. The students have been working on a semester-long project about sea turtles. Not only was this a wonderful learning opportunity, but the children did a wonderful job raising money for the sea turtle hospital, which will open at the South Carolina Aquarium in the Spring of 2017. The project taught the students about the obstacles the sea turtles face from the time they hatch until they reach adulthood; one of which is beach erosion.

Mr. Hansell spoke about what beaches are, what sand is made of and where it comes from, how erosion happens, and all the things coastal engineers do, including beach nourishment projects. Since Philip Simmons is a STEAM school (science, technology, engineering, math, and art), Mr. Hansell also talked about the education and training that it takes to become a coastal engineer.